Cheddar’s Menu Calories

Making informed judgments when dining out is essential if you’re attempting to keep your calorie intake under control.

This is especially true for eateries with menus that vary greatly in terms of calorie count, like Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen.

This article will examine Cheddar’s Menu Calories as well as answer many of the most frequently asked queries regarding the nutritional value of the menu items. 

No matter if you’re looking for healthier alternatives or indulgences Knowing the calories of your meals can aid you in making informed choices and having a great dining experience.

Cheddars Calories

All Cheddars Menu Calories are listed for simple understanding.

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Cheddar’s Appetizers Menu Calories


Chips & Salsa


Total Carbs(g)



Chips & Homemade Queso (with beef)106764824032
Chips & Homemade Queso (no beef)101061823026
Santa Fe Spinach Dip110865827322
Regular Cheddars cheese fries2104125747263
Small Cheddars cheese fries159792737150
Chicken Tender Basket-Original113352511043
Chicken Tender Basket-Buffalo125269115243
Loaded Potato Skins89640322231
Chicken Fajita Quesadilla115062739380
Ultimate Beef Nachos138979151191
Homemade Onion Rings1347101723012
Triple Treat Sampler163390339272

Cheddar’s Salads, Soup and Sandwiches Calories

Cheddar's Salads, Soup and Sandwiches Calories
Soups, Salads, & SandwichesCaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Sugars (g)
Maple Bacon Chicken Sandwich70526711149
Fried Buffalo Chicken Wrapper163690824165
Grilled Buffalo Chicken Wrapper143875521183
Cheddars Club93043714052
Monte Cristo125459716135
Philly Cheesesteak60422911236
Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad w/ dressing88229512057
Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad w/o dressing5131254051
Crispy Chicken Salad (no dressing)69935814051
Grilled Chicken pecan salad72336915046
Hand Crafted Asian salad7102624037
Signature Shrimp & Chicken Salad w/ dressing92842920144
Signature Shrimp & Chicken Salad w/o dressing65124416143
Homemade Chicken Tortilla Soup Bowl111371011
Homemade Baked Potato Soup Bowl3482281308

Cheddar’s Steak & Ribs Calories

Cheddar's Steak & Ribs Calories
Steaks & RibsCaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Sugars (g)
Sirloin Steak 6 oz3121115146
Sirloin Steak 8 oz4161487162
Ribeye Steak (12 oz.)90859431482
sauteed mushrooms238182605
bourbon glaze1054001
onion straws231153401
Hickory Smoked, Honey BBQ glazed Baby Back Ribs Full Rack1301718342133
Hickory Smoked, Honey BBQ glazed Baby Back Ribs Half Rack65035917166

Cheddar’s Burgers Menu Calories

BurgersCaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Sugars (g)
Original hamburger90655019265
Original cheeseburger101463524272
Smokehouse burger112657724276

Cheddar’s Combinations Menu Calories

CombinationsCaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Sugars (g)
HALF Fried Buffalo Chicken Wrapper94557014133
HALF Grilled Buffalo Chicken Wrapper84649413142
HALF Monte Cristo6722998017
HALF Cheddars Club4652197026
Chicken Tenders & Grilled Shrimp5922846142
Chicken Tenders & Fried Shrimp6593097041
Steak & Chicken Tenders87540812173
Steak & Baby Back Ribs1192622262114
Baby Back Ribs & Grilled Shrimp73237818182
Baby Back Ribs & Fried Shrimp97652221182
Steak & Fried Shrimp63727410162
Baby Back Ribs & Chicken Tenders98450520192

Cheddar’s Chicken and Fish Menu Calories

Chicken and FishCaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Sugars (g)
Chicken Tender Platter original136765813052
Chicken Tender Platter Buffalo146075115252
Homemade Chicken Pot Pie5672858032
Dijon Chicken & Mushrooms113753814088
Lemon Pepper Chicken / Seasoned rice545612178
Grilled chicken alfredo132359329159
Country Fried Chicken118856015159
Grilled Salmon dinner6322389168
Grilled Salmon lunch4741596144
Blackened Salmon dinner6182319163
Blackened Salmon lunch4631536142
Bourbon Glazed Salmon dinner6511787149
Bourbon Glazed Salmon lunch4861225134
Cornmeal Catfish dinner164291621045
Grilled Catfish dinner5861656268
Grilled Catfish lunch374662141
Blackened Catfish dinner5761586270
Blackened Catfish lunch393924140
Grilled Tilapia with Mango Salsa5391094260
Fried Fish Tacos104848612426
Grilled Fish Tacos96143712541
1/2 Fried & 1/2 Grilled Fish Tacos100546212533

Cheddar’s Sides Menu Calories

SidesCaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Sugars (g)
Buttered off-the-cob corn85341011
Coleslaw creamy181121201
French fries470193506
Mashed Potatoes16695402
Loaded Baked potato4401949310
Black beans16621007
Mac & cheese side217107618
Seasoned rice21127109
Broccoli Cheese Casserole199110628
Red Beans & Rice19645109
House Salad no dressing12058407
Honey butter Croissant203112452

Cheddar’s Kids Menu Calories

KidsCaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Sugars (g)
Grilled Cheese Sandwich47424911314
Chicken Tenders3001312023
Chicken Tenders w/ Ranch5343546024
Junior Burger66941418437
Kids Mac & Cheese15081203
Penne Pasta Marinara and Garlic Toast4421374214
Grilled Chicken Breast349421032
French fries470193506
Buttered off-the-cob corn85341011
Southern Green Beans6234101
Steamed Vegetables601002

Cheddar’s Desserts Menu Calories

DessertsCaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Sugars (g)
Chocolate Trifle7393752009
Key Lime Pie Mini Dessert19978504
Strawberry Cheesecake11057302
Hot Fudge Cake Sundae152071835110
Apple Crisp A La Mode92235617410

Beverages Menu Calories

BeveragesCaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Sugars (g)
Pina Colada41956601
Island Tiki2101000
Ruby Red Fusion Punch2790000
Presidente Sangria1790000
Texas Margarita rocks3480000
Texas Margarita frozen4030000
Grande top shelf frozen4770000
Grande top shelf rocks4770000
Grande top shelf Frozen Strawberry swirl5120000
Grande top shelf Frozen Sangria swirl4710000
Grande top shelf rocks Sangria swirl4710000
Grande top shelf rocks Strawberry swirl5120000
The Shaker Margarita2950000
The Shaker Top Shelf Margarita w/ Milagro Sliver3450000
The Shaker Top Shelf Margarita w/ Patron Anejo2990000
The Shaker Top Shelf Margarita w/ Patron Reposado2900000
The Shaker Top Shelf Margarita w/ Cabo Wabo Resposado2990000
The Shaker Top Shelf Margarita w/ Patron Silver2890000
Texas Margarita frozen Sangria swirl4020000
Texas Margarita frozen Strawberry swirl4230000
Maui Margarita4231000
El Patron2851000
Skinny Margarita1950000
Spiked Cherry Limeade23600019
Passion Punch2120000
Texas Sweet Tea2280000
Cheddars Long Island Iced Tea2260000
Top Shelf Long Island Iced Tea2290000
Spicy Mango Mojito2901000
Georgia Moonshine Punch2910009
Cheddars Painkiller37750501
Moonshine Mary14214002
Beringer White Zinfandel (6 oz)1300000
Korbel Brut Sparkling (6 oz)1460000
Cavit Moscato (6 oz)1480000
Beringer White Zinfandel (9 oz)1950000
Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio (6 oz)1460000
Yellow Tail Chardonnay (6 oz)1480000
KJ Chardonnay (6 oz)1480000
Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio (9 oz)2200000
Yellow Tail Chardonnay (9 oz)2220000
KJ Chardonnay (9 oz)2220000
Mark West Pinot Noir (6 oz)1450000
Fetzer Valley Merlot (6 oz)1460000
Sterling Vintners Merlot (6 oz)1460000
Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon (6 oz)1460000
Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon (6 oz)1460000
Mark West Pinot Noir (9 oz)2170000
Fetzer Valley Merlot (9 oz)2200000
Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon (9 oz)2200000
Beringer Cabernet Sauvignon (9 oz)2200000
Bud Light Draft Pint1200001
Bud Light Draft Pilsner1710001
Blue Moon Draft Pint2230003
Blue Moon Draft Pilsner3180005
Budweiser Bottled1460001
Bud Light Bottled1030001
Miller Lite Bottled960001
Coors Light Bottled1050001
Michelob Light Bottled1340001
Angry Orchard2160002
Corona Extra1530000
Dos Equis1530000
Heineken Light1530000
Modelo Especial1530000
New Belgium Fat Tire1530000
Samuel Adams1530000
Sierra Nevada1530000
Stella Artois1530000
Raspberry Hand Crafted Lemonade1800002
Strawberry Hand Crafted Lemonade2110002
Regular Hand Crafted Lemonade1800002
Peach Iced Tea770000
Raspberry Iced Tea740000
Strawberry Iced Tea790000
Mango Iced Tea770000
Sweet Iced Tea1000000
Regular Iced Tea40000
Coke (12 fl oz)1460000
Coke Zero (12 fl oz)00000
Diet Dr. Pepper (12 fl oz)00000
Dr. Pepper (12 fl oz)1500000
Barqs Root Beer (12 fl oz)1600000
Sprite (12 fl oz)1591000
Lemonade (12 fl oz)1800002
Coke (8 fl oz)970000
Coke Zero (8 fl oz)00000
Diet Coke (8 fl oz)00000
Diet Dr. Pepper (8 fl oz)00000
Dr. Pepper (8 fl oz)1000000
Lemonade (8 fl oz)1100000
100% Colombian Coffee20000

What are some of the highest calorie items on Cheddar’s menu?

Some of the most calorific products on Cheddar’s menu are those from the New Orleans Pasta with Chicken (1,530 calories) as well as the Ribeye Steak (1,220-1,290 calories) and the Chicken Alfredo (1,280 calories) and the Monte Cristo (1,220-1,330 calories). 

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It’s important to keep in mind that the calorie count may differ based on various factors like portion size and substitutions of ingredients. 

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If you’re trying to cut down on the calories you consume when dining at Cheddar’s think about consuming items like grilled or roast meats, and fruit or vegetable side dishes.

How can I reduce the calorie count of my Cheddar’s meal?

If you’re trying to cut down on the calories in your dining experience at Cheddar’s restaurant, there are several methods that you can consider. 

Consider first choosing dishes that are baked, grilled or roasted, rather than fried, since these cooking techniques typically result in lower calories. 

Also, consider recipes that include vegetables or lean proteins as the primary ingredients, instead of dishes which are loaded with carbohydrates or fats. 

Additionally, you can as well ask to have dressings or sauces served on the side to ensure that you can manage the amount of food you consume. 

Consider splitting your meal with a person you know or bringing a portion of the meal to enjoy later. This can aid in reducing the calories in your diet overall.

Does Cheddar’s have any options for customers with dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free or dairy-free?

Absolutely, Cheddar’s offers a number of choices for customers who have dietary restrictions. 

In the case of those that are not gluten-free Cheddar’s offers an extensive menu that is gluten-free, which includes dishes like the Lemon Pepper Chicken, Grilled Salmon, and Santa Fe Spinach Dip.

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The restaurant also offer gluten-free options for side dishes like steamed broccoli, and green beans along with baked sweet potato.

In addition, many recipes can be altered to be dairy-free by asking for no any dairy or milk-based condiments.

It’s important to know that although Cheddar’s has taken steps to accommodate those with food restrictions but cross-contamination is an issue in the kitchen. 

If you suffer from a serious allergic reaction to foods, it’s suggested to speak to an executive or chef about your alternatives and risk that could arise.

Cheddar’s Contact Information

Cheddar’s Corporate Office Address: 1000 Darden Center Dr. Orlando, FL, 32837-4032  United States

Cheddar’s Corporate Phone Number: (214) 596-6700

You can also contact the team of Cheddar’s by using the contact form on their website.

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FAQsCheddar’s Menu Calories

Are the calorie counts listed on Cheddar’s menu accurate?

Cheddar’s endeavors to provide accurate nutrition information for its menu items. However, it is possible that there may be some variance in the actual calories due to variables such as variations in the cooking method and substitutions of ingredients.

Does Cheddar’s offer any low-calorie options?

Sure, Cheddar’s does offer several healthy options that are low-calorie on its menu, like The Grilled Chicken Pecan Salad and the Lemon Pepper Whitefish.

How many calories are in a grilled chicken pecan salad from Cheddars?

710 cal.

How many calories are in Cheddars grilled salmon?

440 cal.

How many calories are in Cheddars tilapia and shrimp?

440 cal.

How many calories are in Cheddar’s grilled white fish?


How many calories are in Cheddar’s bourbon salmon?

651 cal.

How many calories is Cheddars baby back ribs?

810 cal.

What is the calorie count for Cheddar’s Chicken Tenders?

In general, Cheddar’s Chicken Tenders contain about 960 calories.

How many calories are in Cheddar’s Chicken Alfredo Pasta?

1150 calories

In Conclusion

In conclusion, even though certain items that are available at Cheddar’s may contain high calories, however, there are numerous alternatives available that are less in calories, yet still delicious. 

Making an informed choice and using some of the techniques discussed in this post, you can take pleasure in a tasty dinner with your family at Cheddar’s but without having to break the bank. 

For those who have food restrictions, Cheddar’s offers a number of options that can accommodate various requirements. 

It’s always important to be aware of your body’s needs and choose the options that work most effectively for your specific requirements and preferences.

Hope you find complete information about Cheddar’s Menu Calories.

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